Right of return within 14 days: You can return the products you want to return with the product within 14 days from the date you receive the order, together with the invoice, by filling out the return form. In order for the products to be returned, they must comply with the return conditions.
Free returns: If you send the products you want to return with our contracted cargo companies (DHL Express for international sales and Yurtiçi Kargo for domestic sales), no shipping fee will be charged.
Return information reached İadeniz bize ulaşınca e-posta gönderilir.
Refunds: If the products you return comply with the return conditions, the refunds are sent to the bank within 14 days at the latest. You can follow the process of your next bank.
Return Address: Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere Cad. 127 B/17 Şişli- İSTANBUL
For support, you can send an e-mail to
Shipping The delivery areas of your orders are limited to the shipping networks of the contracted cargo companies (DHL Express for international sales and Yurtiçi Kargo for domestic sales).
FREE RETURN: targets the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction in online shopping. Shipping is free for orders over 250 TL.
Free Shipping: Your orders over 250TL are sent free of charge via contracted cargo companies (DHL Express for international sales and Yurtiçi Kargo for domestic sales). Your orders are delivered to your registered delivery address, for domestic sales. is being delivered. For our overseas cargo deliveries, we provide our contracted cargo shipments via DHL express within a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 business days from the date you place the order, DHL express cargo shipments are delivered within 3 business days on average. Please check your shipping address before placing your order.
Free Return Shipping: If you want to return the product or products you have purchased, you can send it free of charge within 14 days with our contracted cargo companies (DHL Express for international sales and Yurtiçi Kargo for domestic sales).

  •  Products made or changed by special order (products whose size has been changed according to our customer's request, with special writings on them) are not refundable.


  • The consumer cannot exercise her right of withdrawal / return on products that are produced in accordance with the special requests and demands of the consumer or that have been personalized by making changes or additions, as well as earrings.


  • The product to be returned must be completely undamaged and unused. Products that have been scratched, damaged or physically altered in any way are strictly non-refundable. After the product is inspected by our experts, returns are initiated.


  •  For returns and exchanges, you must send an e-mail to, together with your order number and the reason for your return/change request. Our experts will inform you about the subject after the necessary investigations.


  •  The packaging, certificate and invoice of the product to be returned, and any promotions, if any, must be sent with the product.


  • The product to be returned must comply with the terms of the "Right of Withdrawal" in Article 6 of the "Distance Sales Contract" and the "Products for which the Right of Withdrawal cannot be exercised" in Article 7 and the products to be considered under warranty in Article 8.


  • The warranty period of the products you buy from the website is 2 years.
  • T.R. Pursuant to the Hygienic Product Regulation of the Ministry of Health, if earrings are purchased from our website, you do not have the right to return or exchange them. Maintenance service is provided for these products only within the warranty period determined by us. This provision does not apply if the earrings are defective.
  • Chains and chain products are not covered under warranty purchased from our website. Only for these products, we provide maintenance services within 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • In case of malfunction or deterioration in the materials used in the products, other than silver, whether these products are within the scope of the Warranty will be determined by our review.
  •  The warranty periods of the product/products are as long as the periods determined by us for the product/products. Inspection procedures are carried out by us within these periods. Inspection procedures regarding the product/products whose warranty period has expired are rejected by us. In the event that the product/products purchased through the website break down or malfunction within the warranty period, if the product/products are sent together with the invoice, with the shipping cost covered by you, the deterioration or malfunction inspection procedures will be made by the inspection units of the purchased product/products and a decision will be made. Deterioration or Fault investigation processes take at least 21 working days and may take up to 30 working days depending on the intensity of the inspection unit. After the decision made by the review units is delivered to us, you will be contacted and in case the product/products are deemed to be defective or defective, you will make a selection and provide the same product or another product with the defective or damaged product. If there is a price difference between the product selected by you and the defective/defective product, the difference will not be refunded for the products with a low price, but if a more expensive product is selected, you will be asked for a price difference. Defect/deterioration inspection procedures are not performed for the product/products sent by you without an invoice.

You agree in advance that the processing date of the order to be paid by wire transfer/EFT is the date on which it is seen that it has been transferred to the SELLER's accounts;